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Do I need prior experience in selling cruises to start this up?

No, you don't. However, a background in sales is always a helpful start. We provide a thorough training course that will educate you on the ins and outs of selling cruises. With our help and expertise you're sure to learn how to sell cruises successfully.

What are the startup costs involved in starting my own at-home business?

The cost to start up your at-home cruise selling business is very minimal. Please contact us, toll free, at 1-866-214-7447 to find out any costs that you'll incur. The costs may be reduced if you are a highly experienced travel professional, especially if you have an already-existing business in place and are looking for a new home.

Is any training required to sell cruises from home?

Yes. If you have no experience whatsoever in selling cruises you'll be required to enroll in our "cruise school." This course can be taken in our office or from your home, via conference calls and webinars. The cost for either option is the same. If you are very experienced in selling cruises it may not be required for you to attend our classes. We would make such a determination on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further details if you feel that this may apply to you.

What kind of income should I expect to make?

The sky is the limit! Truly, this is the case. It all depends on how motivated you are. Just about everyone you know takes vacations, so selling cruises (and/or land packages) to your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances almost guarantees that you can be successful.

Can I receive at home training, or do I need to come to your office?

Yes, you can. We have training programs available in our main office (in New Jersey), as well as over the phone or via the internet (webinars). The choice is yours. Please contact us for more details.

After I'm trained, will I be able to ask additional questions if I have a problem?

Of course you can, that's what we're here for. Yes, other companies may shut you out from their trainers and support staff once you're done training, but we're always available. We have a full service support staff that comes in quite handy, even to our more experienced agents, and our management team is always accessible as well.

Will I be insured if I make a mistake while selling?

We have a $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions liability insurance policy and our affiliated Independent Contractors are covered, with certain restrictions. Please contact us for details.

How much will I be paid for each of my bookings?

That depends on how independent you are. Commissions are payable based on your production level (the more you sell, the more you make!). We also have a referral program whereby you can earn an easy cut of the commission just by referring people over to us, with no additional work required whatsoever! Additional details are available by contacting us, toll free, at 1-866-214-7447.

What benefits will I gain from being an independent contractor with American Discount?

A lot! After 6 months of active selling you will be able to gain access to CLIA and IATAN membership cards, both of which result in special travel agent discounts in your own travels. In addition to that, you will be able to join a slew of "agent only" programs that may lead to free or heavily reduced vacations for you, as well as special amenities during your own vacations. Our top producing agents are often awarded with complimentary travel, including special VIP invitation-only events (such as inaugural cruises on brand new ships). Of course, you also benefit from our high commission levels and the loads of group space that we hold, giving you a great pricing and amenity edge over most agencies.

Where can I find clients?

You'd be surprised how easy it is to quickly build a large client-base. Are you a member of an organization? How about one of your family members, are they? Organizations, such as churches, unions, clubs, schools, communities and even work-places are great sources of clients. Everyone loves to vacation, so be sure that all of your family and friends are aware that they can get the best deal on their next vacation through you. Plus, by being an independent contractor with American Discount Cruises & Travel you'll benefit from our training sessions which will help you hone in on your client-finding skills.

Can I sell vacation packages that don't involve cruises?

Absolutely! You can sell your clients a full range of vacations through us. Aside from cruises, you can also sell hotels, flights, car rentals, shore excursions, traveler's insurance, all-inclusive vacation packages and more. Please contact us if there's a product that you'd like to sell that you don't see listed here.